OPEN LETTER TO Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan

H.E the president of the Republic of Turkey

Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan


In a speech in Diyarbakir on May 28th 2016 , attacking the HDP, you said” they burned our mosques, they are atheists, Zoroastrians, among them there are who mock my peoples values , my people will give them a lesson in the ballot box. We are taking our strength from our people, while they are taking it from Qandil (Kurdish fighters HQ), thus you are referring to Zoroastrianism as if it is an insult.

We have read your statement above with great sadness and concern.

Mr. President

This is not the first time, but you have done similar acts earlier, in fact before anything else, a man in your position need to know better that Zoroastrianism is a Mesopotamian and Anatolian religion, it is the first ancient heavenly culture heritage, which is embracing a large community in the region. With this act you have added new injured people, namely the Zoroastrian community all over the world, to your long list of enemies which is continuously increasing due to your unreasonable and unnecessary statements.

If you understood the main principles of Islam, which you claim to advocate, you would realize that you are contradicting it completely, since Islam respects all faiths and religions.

We may remind you that you are in conflict with the Holy Koran, and all holy books of heavenly religions.

Before you start your next insulting speeches against any faith or religion, may we cordially advise you to read unbiased history books, then you can see that Zoroastrianism has been the religion of hundreds of communities and states since thousands of years.

Zoroastrianism is based on philosophy of good speech, good thought and good action, based on separating good from bad, and recognizes equality between Man and Woman. This philosophy also considers cleanness, health and worship of God as highly respected values.

Also Zoroastrianism selects the path of Law and Justice, Family Laws and Inheritance to be directed to Human Mind and Conscious, through Good Thinking, Good doing and Good Saying.

Exactly 3000 years ago, Zoroastrianism implied the importance of environment for humanity and consider nature and mankind as one and respect all living creatures as a part of the environment.

According to Zoroastrianism, Harmony should be secured in the Universe, and among all elements of Nature, Man should be everything’s friend and do his best to pursue this friendship to keep our world in peace and harmony.

We should wish for others as we would like others to wish for us

It is not enough to register your Goodness in your own Life Book, but you have to extend it to cover the world.

You might know that Islam has been inspired in many aspects from Zarathustrianism, through Salman Al Farsi (Pak), by bringing two most important pillars Prayers and Fasting as exact copy from Zoroastrianism 

We are living in an era when a civilized man respects the relationship between Man and his Creator, his conscious does not allow him to insult any holy bond between Man and his Creator.

Your insulting remarks as such is not directed only against Zoroastrianism but against all Faiths, religions including Islam.

We see the statement as sign of lack of knowledge, therefore may we propose the following: the Kurdistani Zoroastrians, would gladly extend our invitation to any delegation or persons nominated by ourselves to visit our Headquarter in order we may explain the fundamental principals of our religion, that may help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes that does nothing but create more enemies and isolation for our beloved Turkey.

We also call upon all cultures, beliefs and religions coexistence in peace in a world. Especially Middle East of peace and harmony, which we believe you can help, and before it is too late.

Best regards

Kurdistan Zoroastrian Community

June 16th 2016

Our purpose is to assist and to educate, for this we need to receive funds so that we can deliver our mission.


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